After many years of international travel, Flying Dutchman Spirits founders wanted to share the unique tastes of spirits obtained from far corners of the globe. Much like the legendary ghost ship of the same name, Flying Dutchman Spirits eternally searches to find these new tastes and flavors.

Our Mission: Like our ancestors, the Dutch, who traded tastes in the form of spices to become a 17TH-century trade superpower and our aviation pioneers that made globalization possible we intend to share something unique in craft spirits.

Our Promise: To use our many years of brewing and tasting experience, modern technology, and sustainable processes to craft spirits that reflect our reverence for all of the places, cultures, food and drink discovered in our collective years of world travel.

Our Process: To provide inspired flavors from around the world, minimize our environmental footprint, and create a consistently delicious product we needed to embrace new technology. We scoured the globe and found Hagyo distilling in Miskolc, Hungary. Hagyo’s unsurpassed technology is so advanced it reduces our consumption of resources and improves the consistency and quality of our product. It’s so advanced that while we seek new product inspirations in other countries, we can control distillations as they occur in Eden Prairie!