Cocktail Kits

Fancy but easy to make cocktails to that make drinking at home fun!

(editors note: we still recommend drinking with a friend and not drinking at home alone… if you wanna drink alone we won’t judge)

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Rosemary Pom Gin Fizz Kit – Copy

Painkiller Kit – Copy

Mexican old Fashioned Kit – Copy

Pineapple Upside Down Kit – Copy

Cyrus the Virus Kit – Copy

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Fresh, Easy, Delicious and Safe

Our cocktail kits are simple kits to make fantastic cocktails.  We do all the work crafting a your mix with fresh squeezed juices, handmade infusions, and even garnishes.  All you do is order, pickup, mix two things together, garnish and… Whola! You have a craft distillery experience at home, on the porch, on the boat or wherever you can savor the handmade flavors.

How does it work?

Click here to order online, pickup at our location, mix and enjoy! Currently, our pickup is on our next business day!

In accordance with Minnesota State Liquor law, there is a strict limit of (1) 375ml bottle of spirits per customer per day.  That means you can only get one full cocktail kit per day.  Need more? You can buy unlimited mix kits and visit your local liquor store to pickup an unlimited amount of our spirits.


What’s in the kit?

Short answer… Everything you need to make a craft cocktail:

  1. “The Juice” – A bottle of premix custom mixed for the cocktail.  Depending on the cocktail purchased may include: freshly squeezed juice, infusions, or other non-alcoholic ingredients.
  2. “The Booze” – A 375 ml bottle of one of our fine, hand crafted spirits
  3. “The 411” – we include a recipe card – the card will tell you how to make your Cocktail Kit…
  4. “The Decoration” – garnishes to make your drinks look like they were made by a pro


>> Order Online! <<

Click here to order online, pickup at our location using our contact free pickup (you will receive a confirmation your order is ready), mix and enjoy!


Contact Free Pickup

Our first priority is the safety of our staff and customers. To ensure safety, we need to follow liquor laws and our process for contact-less delivery. Please review these instructions for a pleasant pickup experience.


Minnesota Adult Standard Driver License

Back of Card

How it works

  1. Park in front of our facility around the time you scheduled. PLEASE do not come inside for everyone’s safety.
  2. When you arrive, call us at 952-242-4156 (you may also text your name to this number) and let us know your name and the color and model of your car. Our staff will bring out your kit. If we don’t answer, you can also call 952-406-8286.
  3. Leave your windows and doors shut.  Show us both sides of your driver’s license.
  4. Our staff will leave your kit in front of your car.  Once they have left, please grab your kit.
  5. Enjoy your craft cocktails responsibly!

Still have questions?

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked ones:

Why can I only order 1 Cocktail Kit?

Sorry, you’re gonna have to talk to the state legislature.  Our state laws only allow us to sell a single 375ml bottle of spirits per customer per day.

How long does my order take?

Most orders will be available for pickup during our opening hours (3pm-9pm Thursday thru Saturday) on the next business day if you order before 9pm.

Can I just buy hand sanitizer?


How long is the kit good for?

We hope it doesn’t last you very long…  But if it does… It’s best if you refrigerate and use it in 3 days (lots of fresh juices)… It’ll last a week in the refrigerator.  If you can’t drink it that fast, pour servings each into large ice cube trays, store in the freezer, and just pull out a delicious ice cube when ready to make me beverage in the evening.  That way it’ll last 1-3 months.